Texting Mistakes to Avoid When Dating Ukrainian Ladies

Maybe, you’ve met someone from Ukraine dating sites free, and she just gave you her number. Dating Ukrainian ladies is something to look forward to. But it can be tricky when you don’t know what to say when you send a message to her. Another important thing you have to consider is how you compose your message.

Texting is different from talking face-to-face since it’s easier to be misunderstood. Don’t worry. You can prevent this by understanding these texting mistakes you have to avoid:

Replying For Too Long Between Messages

This means you have to respond fast to a Ukraine beautiful woman. That’s because she made the time and effort to text you, so you have to respond in kind. Now, you might be wondering what the ideal time to respond to her is. You don’t have to do it instantly. But you shouldn’t let her wait for hours or days.

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When you talk to someone, you don’t want them to turn their backs on you suddenly and pretend they don’t hear you. The person you’re talking to feels the same too.

So, it’s best to excuse yourself when you need to cut off communication. You can say, “Let’s talk tonight because I’m busy the whole day” or “I’ll text you again after 15 minutes.” This way, you’re respectfully letting her know that you’re unable to talk at the moment instead of ignoring her and making her wonder if she said anything wrong.

Sending Long Paragraphs As A Reply to Short Messages

Remember that you’re sending a text message, not an essay. If your date asked you to eat out, you can answer yes or no. If you’re available, you can briefly ask for the details. You don’t have to provide a thorough explanation of why you aren’t available.

Replying to 3-word messages with a lengthy one may come off as desperate and needy. Your match might give you a bad Ukraine date review when you do this. Put simply, if you receive a short text, respond with a short text. If the message is long, respond with a long message. Remember that a “K’ message is unacceptable all the time.

Being Too Eager For the Person To Respond

After your Ukraine cupid login, you made a match, she gave you her number, and you sent a text to her. What you need to do next is to wait. Don’t flood her with messages because this isn’t a way to make her reply. This might result in her not replying to you for good.

Receiving unwanted texts will likely make her ignore you. It’s also a bad idea to call if you don’t receive a reply. This isn’t only rude but also a little obsessive. So, it’s best to just wait after sending your text.

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Using Too Many or Too Little Emojis

Ukrainian babes will prefer it if you don’t go overboard with emojis. But some can think that messages are angry or too serious if there aren’t any emojis. So, when should you use emojis? Well, having too many emojis in one message is unacceptable. Not using them at all can be negative, too. You have to find the right balance in using them.

If you and your girl are having light and fun message exchanges, you can attach emojis or stickers to your message. If she ends her message with a cute emoji, and you respond without one, she might think you’re not interested. Though emojis don’t give true meaning to messages, they’re sometimes crucial decorations in messages.

Ending The Conversation Unnaturally

When constructing a text message, there’s an introduction, body, and end. This is something you need to remember when sending a message when dating Ukraine women. You need to know what you want to say and how you want your message to be received.

Also, you need to recognize the signals from the person you’re sending a text to. This means you have to follow if you realize that your conversation is slowly ending. It can be an indication that you can end the conversation naturally. It’s time to cut the conversation if the texts you’re receiving seem less exciting and shorter.

It’s rude to end a conversation out of nowhere. Though you’re busy and have no time to text, you’ll make the person feel that you’re not interested in talking to them. If you’re too busy, you shouldn’t have started a conversation or responded. You have to know your boundaries.

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Criticizing The Person You’re Sending Texts To

When men send a lot of texts to hot Ukraine women, they tend to snap when they don’t reply fast. There are some men who lose potential dates because they couldn’t control their irritation or anger at not receiving a message right away.

Though it feels bad to wait for someone’s text, you have to keep in mind that not replying right away doesn’t mean that they’re not interested or wasting your time. They might be busy, working, or driving. It’s best to move on with your day instead of feeling bad when you don’t receive a reply.


Finally, you know the mistakes you have to avoid when texting a woman from Ukrainian dating sites. It’s true that texting is challenging when dating Ukrainian ladies. Aside from the rules, you have to follow text language evolution. So, it can be said that it’s a skill worth mastering. If you don’t have time to learn it, it’s best to follow the common practices when sending messages.