Dating Ukrainian Ladies: When is the Best Time to Text?

Before text messaging and social media, communication was simple. Handwritten notes and phone calls were the only options available aside from face-to-face communication. As technology progresses, dating Ukrainian ladies online or communicating with them through text messaging has become more accessible. However, with the current means available, when is the best time to text your date?

Why is Timing Important In Dating Ukrainian Ladies?

When dating Ukrainian singles, timing plays a significant role. Although many TV shows back in the day suggest never contacting your date or asking for their number for three days after your first date, that rule has become outdated. In every relationship and situation, the timing is not the same. What may be appropriate in one relationship may not be suitable for another.

Therefore, when knowing the best timing to text, understand your relationship with your date. If you think you are not in a relationship or it is still the beginning of a relationship, asking for the Ukraine girl number is expected.

However, when you text, keep it limited, even if you are still trying to get to know her. Remember that face-to-face communication is best to move your relationship forward while texting or online dating  is best to make plans and maintain contact or connection.

What Experts Say

For most, having a first date with Ukrainian beauties can be nerve-wracking. Even if your date went well, many questions would cloud your mind about how you and your date behaved the whole time. How long must you wait to text? Should you wait for three days? These questions can make you worry more than necessary.

Experts say the standard rule when texting is after 24 hours of dating Ukrainian women. According to Susan Trombetti, a professional matchmaker, “When texting your first date, you must text the next day to say thank you or say you had an excellent time with them.” Most people usually send a message to thank their date for a great time once they arrive home.

However, Andrea McGinty, founder of 33 Thousand Dates and a dating coach, says otherwise. According to her, “texting your date after a few hours shows you enjoyed their company and had a great time.”

Trombetti says that the 24-hour period applies when sending a simple thank you message. According to her, if you want to flirt or ask her for a second date, it’s best to wait for at least three days after your first date with beautiful Ukrainian women.

McGinty expresses that messaging after your first date is the best action. Nevertheless, there are still instances where you should wait. She says, “The only time you would not want to message right after your first date is when you know something personal will be happening on the same day.”

Sometimes, you may not be the first to send a message through text. Although this can take some pressure off your shoulders, your time to respond is crucial if you want to pursue Ukraina dating.

As expressed by Trombetti, “Not responding within a few hours can sink the relationship you have with your date. So, if your date texts you or messages you, answering the same day is a must, unless you want to let them think you are not interested anymore.” Also, make sure you keep your conversation going.

Both Trombetti and McGinty agree that you should not text late at night, especially after a first date. According to McGinty, it’s best to wait for the next day rather than text after 11 PM.”

Other Things to Consider

You must also consider other things to determine the most appropriate time to text your date.

  • What Do Your Instincts Tell You?

People may tell you to be yourself when dating. It can be scary advice as you will feel like ruining everything, but it may be the best advice to follow. As a standard rule, text her when you think it is right or feel it is the right time.

  • What Were the Circumstances When You Met?

The appropriate time to text depends on when you met through Ukrainian dating sites or if you had an actual date in Ukraine. If you met through an online dating site, you must text her within 24 hours to seize the moment so you can meet them in person.

If you met them in person, texting too soon may show you are too strong. It is best to wait the next day or after 24 hours.

  • What Do You Want to Tell Her?

The right time to text your date also depends on what you want to say. If you ask for a second date, give her a little more time. If you want to check how her day went or discuss what she has not heard yet during your first date, you do not have to wait for three days.

  • Is She Traditional?

Bear in mind that women differ regarding how traditional they can be. Some may want to be formally pursued after weeks or a few days. Others may want a modern or quicker pace. However, you may not always know the answer to this, especially when you are just in the getting to know phase. You still get an idea of that on your first date.


When dating a Ukrainian lady online, you must know the perfect time to text them if you want to pursue them, especially after your first formal date. It may be a daunting task, but remember that nothing comes easy when dating a beautiful  Ukrainian woman.