Superstitions That Ukrainian Women Want You To Know

Most foreigners barely understand why many Ukrainian girls believe in superstitions. This culture can be traced back to the pagan past of their ancestors. Back then, they turned to superstitious beliefs when they wanted to find or give reasons for something they experienced.

If you’re set about pushing for Ukrainian women dating, it is best to know more about their culture, including their superstitions.

Knocking on wood

To remove the evil eye, Ukrainians often knock on wood. Interestingly, some of them knock on their heads if there’s no available wood nearby.

This superstition originated from their ancestors, who believed that they touched Christ when they touched wood. This is because Christ was crucified on a wooden cross.

They do this for protection from evil. They knocked three times because they deemed three to be sacred for Christians.

Not passing something across the doorstep

When you visit Ukrainian beauties, they might tell you not to pass anything across the doorstep. In ancient times, the deceased person’s ashes were buried beneath the doorstep.

They don’t pass anything across the doorstep the worry that they might disturb them. Ukrainians are also not allowed to sit on the doorstep for this reason.

Not giving a watch as a gift

Giving gifts such as watches when dating Ukrainian ladies may turn them off. The superstition originates from China. Many Chinese people believe that this gift is a funeral invitation.

Moreover, Ukrainians believe that the arrows of a watch are sharp and a sign for fighting and insults, making it an inappropriate gift. What they usually do when they get a watch as a gift from someone is they give them a coin.

They will further explain the omen of giving a watch as a gift, and giving a coin would make it appear as if they have bought the watch.

Not celebrating the 40th anniversary

In Ukraine, 40 years is not celebrated, especially in males. This superstition came about because 40 is associated with death.

During the period of Kievan Rus, the dead bodies were given a deadline of 40 days to be checked for imperishability. In Ukraine, 40 is directly connected with funeral beliefs until now.

Not eating from a knife

You shouldn’t eat from your knife when you go on a date with single Ukraine ladies. Ukrainians believe that you’ll be an angry person.

A knife has an important meaning for them. Aside from using it as a tool for work, it’s also used for protection.

Since it’s a sturdy and magical item, it needs special treatment. If not, the spirits could get mad and make a person aggressive or hurt themselves in an accident.

Not spilling salt

This superstition comes from Ukrainian customs. Salt was viewed as a sign of good fortune, so not everyone could afford it.

Important people were offered bread and salt. It was thought to be disrespectful to the owners when salt was spilled, which could lead to a fight.

This superstition has slightly changed through the years. It’s now believed that a scandal with family members or relatives will occur to the person who spills the salt.

Not taking the garbage out after sunset

This is a good superstition to talk about in Ukraina dating because it’s one of the most famous in the country. It’s believed that nasty rumors will surround you if you take out the garbage after sunset.

Ukrainians think you’re trying to get rid of something about yourself in the darkness. Another belief is that if you don’t throw the garbage before sunset, spirits will go to your house and stay for the night.

Sitting before traveling

Home spirits are believed to attach to people, so these spirits block the way and prevent someone from leaving. As a result, the journey might be difficult or won’t push through. When you sit before your trip, the spirits would be confused and think that nobody’s leaving.

Putting stickers on a baby’s face on social media

Ukrainians believe that a child can be cursed because of a photo. This resulted in parents looking for ways to prevent their babies from being cursed.

Some social media users don’t upload photos of their babies to their accounts. What other parents do is blur the faces or cover them with stickers. They believe that children lack energy for protection, so they can easily fall victim to evil forces.

Wearing safety pins

Because there are a lot of evil spirits, it’s good to have something as protection. Parents in Ukraine do this by putting safety pins on their children’s clothes.

Don’t be surprised when your Ukraine singles wear one if you meet them because some adults do it as well. Safety pins are believed to gather negative energy so that they can protect the wearer from an evil eye and curse.

The pin will get rusty, and the copper will become dark if someone wants to see you hurt. Purifying the energy is easy. You need to wash the metal and pin it underwater. Aside from using it for superstition, it’s good to have a safety pin in case of emergencies.


These superstitious beliefs can be a good topic of conversation to break the ice when you meet Ukraine singles, just like the dos and don’ts when online Ukraine dating. Though some of these superstitions may seem strange, they are important to Ukrainian people’s lives. Hot Ukrainian women will likely take more interest in you when they realize you know the superstitions in their country.