First Date Ideas that Help You Know Russian Girls Better

Russian girls are some of the most gorgeous and exciting women you can hang out with. If you’re planning to date one, it’s best that you plan ahead activities for your first date. You’d want something casual, fun, and great for getting to know each other. Got no ideas? Below are some of the simplest yet most ideal first date activities you can choose from:

Get Brunch, Dinner, or Drinks

It’s common in Russian dating to get brunch, dinner, or drinks on a first date. It’s a classic move that allows a conversation to flow smoothly, allowing you both to get to know each other deeply. It’s a great activity that doesn’t put too much pressure and keeps things casual, relaxed, and fun for first dates.

Just make sure you pick a place that is not so loud and choose foods that are not hard to eat or offensive to smell. For brunch, a cafe is excellent; for dinner, any of her favorite spots is a plus point; and when you get drinks, choose a location that doesn’t need you to shout just to converse.

People-Watch at the Park

While you do enjoy free Russian dating sites, it’s high time that you step out and consider visiting a park with her. If you want something relaxing apart from having a picnic, you can also people-watch. Ask her what she thinks of a group of people and listen to how she responds.

Aside from it being relaxing, you can actually know more about her in terms of how she thinks of people. It’s an excellent way to identify her perspectives on society in general. In turn, you can use this as a chance to see if you have the same views and perceptions.  

Play Some Games Together

When you meet Russian girls, they’ll likely enjoy some games you can do together. Ranging from sports like golf or badminton to video games or trivia, choose one that she’ll like. It doesn’t have to be so grand or serious. Just pick a spot that she’s comfortable with.

It’s not only a fun activity that keeps you busy, but it’s also an opportunity to know how she handles competition and see how she strategizes a game. And when you’re having fun, this will actually bring you even closer.

Watch a Comedy Show

How to meet Russian women? Easy – just take them to watch a comedy show. If you’ve found one who loves to laugh and relax, you should ask her to a local comedy pub. It may not be the best when you want to converse, but it’s surely an activity that eases first date nerves.

This makes an entertaining date idea without the pressure because you’re focused on the comedian. Plus, you’ll get to know if you have the same sense of humor – something that’s essential in keeping a relationship long-term.

Visit a Bookstore

Did you know that you can also meet Russian girls in a bookstore? Some may think this place is boring, and you can’t even properly sit and chat, but this is underrated. Bookstores are a chill spot to get to know each other but differently.

How? Well, take this opportunity to learn what kinds of books she read. If you’re a bookworm, you know you’ll like her more if she also shares the same passion for literature – plus points when you read the same thing too.

Cook Together

Beautiful Russian girls love to cook and love it more when their partners like it too. You don’t have to be a chef to even consider this. All you need is a simple recipe, a place where you can cook, and everything is set for a lovely first date. It’s wholesome and the effort put into preparing food together is a lovely time to bond.

Just make sure that she’s comfortable with this. Not everyone is keen on cooking together on a first date, but you can always tweak it to her liking anyway and opt for a more public space where you can still prepare food together.

Go Ice or Roller Skating

If you’re visiting Russia during winter, don’t pass up the chance to go ice skating with a hot Russian woman. The environment would set the atmosphere for a day full of romance. If you’re a natural skater, you can show off your skills and even teach her some moves.

This is a cute and fun way to spend the day actively knowing each other deeper. Plus, Russia has a lot of skating rinks that are not only excellent for dates but for visiting local spots too, thus hitting two birds with one stone.  

Meet Up With Your Circle of Friends

There’s no dating a Russian woman rules here, so don’t be hesitant to let her meet your friends or vice versa. If she’s the bubbly and extroverted kind, she’ll enjoy the company. You’ll want to introduce her anyway, so take this chance to include her in your circle.

Meeting up with close friends will also let you know how she’ll act with the important people in your life. If she has no problem fitting in and assimilating with your group, you know you have a keeper.

These are some of the best trends for first-date ideas you can try. If you’re stressing out, remember that dating shouldn’t always be so daunting, so give these a go and enjoy!